Other EU Initiatives


European projects to promote cooperation and networking between DIHs are already on the ground. Here you can find some relevant examples:

I4MS, ICT Innovation for Manufacturing SMEs, is a European initiative supporting manufacturing SMEs and mid-caps in the widespread use of information and communication technologies (ICT) in their business operations.

The project started in 2015 aims to establish fully functional ecosystems of DIHS and foster competitiveness of SMEs, start-ups and mid-caps by helping them to introduce innovative digital technologies in their products and services.

The projects aims to promote knowledge transfer among research, industry and users in robotics and stimulate their cooperation.

ROBOTT-NET is a European DIH, where four leading Research Technology Organizations helps companies develop or deploy robot technology in production.

Smart Factories in new EU Member State is a project launched in May 2017 and aims at identifying organisations which can become DIH based in 13 new Member States, at helping 30 DIHs across at least 8 targeted countries to reach their potential by mentoring and coaching activities, and develop clear and targeted policy recommendations to uplift industrial production capacity.

Initiatives and programs

The Digital Innovation Hub Network preparatory action is one of the many initiatives and programmes launched by the EC to support innovation and digitisation and will contribute to shape future initiatives undertaken at EU level.

H2020 (Horizon 2020) is the financial instrument implementing the Innovation Union, a Europe 2020 a flagship initiative aimed at securing Europe's global competitiveness. To support local start-ups and innovation via the introduction of key technologies along the whole value chain, EUR 500 million have been allocated to DIH in the last work programme of Horizon 2020. For further information, please click on the logo.

The Digital Innovation Hubs catalogue includes comprehensive information on the digital innovation hubs in Europe and enables companies to get access to the competences needed to digitize their products and services. The catalogue also provides European DIHs with a platform to communicate their expertise, encouraging collaboration and networking between DIHs. For further information, please click on the logo.

Digital Europe programme is a programme managed by the EC to be launched in 2021. Among other goals, it aims to increase the capacities of DIHs, e.g. R&D&I or human resources, in order to open up facilities to other regions. For further information, please click on the logo.